Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

Edinburgh’s largest sustainable student fashion show, dedicated to our charities and our pursuit of positive change



The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show is a non-profit, student-led organisation based in Edinburgh, dedicated to our charities and our pursuit of positive change.

Through our yearly fashion show and preparatory fundraising events, we offer an extraordinary chance for students in Scotland to gain access to the creative industries, working alongside a cohort of like minded individuals with passion and determination to raise money for charity.

“The Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show is a testament to what young people can achieve. Bringing together 18-24 year olds from across Scotland, it offers an incubatory space for young creatives to learn and grow, supported by their peers and a united vision for artistic innovation, harnessed for good.”

Eleanor Beaven, Chairwoman


Scottish Refugee Council

Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) is a non-profit organisation committed to addressing the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers as they embark on their journey to become New Scots.

Through initiatives such as meet and greets, community hub support, and practical guidance on matters like housing, employment, language proficiency, and interview skills, SRC equips its service users with the tools and confidence needed to thrive in their new surroundings.

Furthermore, SRC leverages its expertise in community integration and immigration policy to engage in advisory and collaborative efforts with government bodies and other organisations.

Above all, SRC places utmost importance on upholding respect, humanity, and dignity for its patrons, and at ECFS we aspire for all our endeavours to embody these values, fostering a partnership that both parties can take pride in.


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Our Show

We are proud to announce that ECFS24 will be held at The National Museum of Scotland on the 23rd March 2024


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